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 You’re a hopeless romantic. You’ve had some  relatively decent relationships and some that were too toxic and that Ultimately made you afraid to trutst that love exist.
However, you are at least willing to admit that you need to do something differently than what you've done in the past. Different advice, different perspective and maybe even a new strategy to approach love because you know you want the dream relationship of your life but you are finally open to possibly needing a better approach.
You’re done with bestie advice because if she could truly help you by now she would have. Your mother has her own set of issues with men or perhaps yes she snagges your dad but for the life of her can't give you any real working advice.
You’re done with the books and sister &friend man bashing phone calls because although you've not yet attracted your dream relationship you know hating men and glorifying their flaws isn't gone to assist you to finally experience the real love you innately know you deserve.
You are finally considering you need a coach. You realize if successful relationship were a DIY matter than either something is wrong with you or all the good men are taking but truthfully the hopeful romantic in you want let you subscribe to "their are no more good men' left to love you.
You are clear you want love and you are also clear you need help. Infact you know that the law of attraction should work with love as it's worked with other areas in your life you intentionally manifested. You are ready to be irresistable to the man of your dreams and you are not sure what is blocking you but you are ready to find out exactly what it is.
You know you need expert guidance and accountability and you understand the necessity of having the right mindset. You’ve experienced small glimpse of love within your relationship but nothing like what you fantasize about deserving.
You’re finally ready to approach love like a woman who knows she is worthy and whatever it takes to become an empowered woman in love you are fully committed  to owning your power to create the love life you've always felt you were worthy of.
You understand that nothing will change about the man and the love scenarios you attract unless you DO THE WORK TO BE CHANGE!
You’re ready to invest the time, money, and energy that is required to have a long-term,authentic, deeply fulfilling,love experiences.

The results you want are possible. Let me teach you how.

Start by scheduling a free relationship breakthrough session where we’ll talk about your past experiences and the ones you to manifest moving foward. I’ll develop a personalized strategy for you to become an irresistable attraction magnet so that you have full clarity and confidence about how to experience the love you truly desire.

We’ll also talk about my coaching programs and whether or not you’d be a fit.

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Free Relationship Breakthrough


Schedule a session with me and discover exactly why you haven't attracted your dream relationship and walk away with your customized strategy to become an empowered woman in your love life

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My private coaching program is designed to help coaches and online entrepreneurs like you take your businesses to the next level.

Together, we’ll assess and discover exactly where and why you are stuck – and what’s holding you back from the results you desire in your business.

You’ll develop the highest level of self-awareness, clarity, and confidence you need to build and scale your business. We’ll uncover the subconscious belief systems that have been holding you back and create the right strategy and solutions you need to support you in achieving your business and life goals.

You will become the next version of you.




What can I say? I reached out to Gebrina some months ago when I found myself struggling in my relationship. I had recently integrated lives and there was immense turmoil. Gebrina offered sage advice and a perspective that spoke to me in a spiritual way, which was what I appreciated most since I recognize this (life) is a spiritual journey. I have done several types of sessions including text and telephone. Talking with Gebrina is like talking with one of my girlfriends or my sister. She is  percent real! Genuine! And I am excited to continue working with her as I journey onward. Thank you, Gebrina for all of your love, light, patience and resources. I love you🥰


After my marriage of 17yrs ended in divorce, I found myself transitioning into a new middle aged woman in a new world of dating and life period. I underwent intense individual grief counseling and therapy, however sometime later I found myself needing alternate modalities for self love, relationships, empowerment and manifestation. I discovered Gebrina Coutee on Instagram and had an intuitive session on where I was. I was struck on her accuracies about me as well as her alternative concepts about love and life for me to consider and practice. I still have sessions with her and still amazed at her deep insights. She has definitely helped me in developing my feminine energy and finding my confidence and sweet spot not only in dating but a deeper knowing of who I am and who I’m becoming!! 🦋 FT


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Free Relationship Breakthrough Session

Schedule a session with me and discover exactly why you haven't attracted your dream relationship and walk away with your customized strategy to become an empowered woman in your love life
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